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The STDFree365 awareness campaign was created in partnership with the Sexually Transmitted Infection Community Coalition (STICC), formerly SEAC a community group with an interest in eliminating syphilis in Houston/Harris County.
Formed in 1999, STICC focuses on the identification of key strategies to eliminate syphilis and other STIs from Texas communities. These strategies include increasing awareness of and mobilizing community involvement and resources in the elimination of STIs, facilitating more effective communication regarding STI elimination and identifying gaps in services and barriers to accessibility of services for at-risk individuals. Funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). STICC maintains collaborative relationships with representatives of the communities most affected by syphilis and appropriate local groups with the goal of eliminating syphilis and other STIs from Texas communities.

Made up of concerned citizens of Houston and Harris County, as well as neighboring counties affected by syphilis. STICC meets 9 times per year, on the fourth Thursday of the month at 12pm.
Meetings are at:
Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center
3810 West Fuqua
Houston, TX 77045

All meetings are open to the public.
STICC’s activities include:
• Networking with community members, local business owners and representatives of local and regional health departments, community clinics and community-based organizations.
• Presentation and discussion of syphilis morbidity, current trends in syphilis transmission and at-risk groups in their respective areas to increase knowledge of the epidemic.
• Distributing syphilis awareness materials to communities at risk.
• Organizing and implementing community health fair events.

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